So, yes, the new trailer for Episode 7 is out and it's got the internet all a-buzz-buzz-shoop about it. But one thing we're no closer to answering: who is begotten of the New Hope? Well here's a rambling list speculating options that is in no way of any authority in being correct.
  1. General Hux
    Not part of any trailers so far, he's been quite the secret. But Jesse Plemmons was at one point the first to be cast, leading to speculation based on his resemblance to young Hamill. Plus, how cool would that be for the son of the man who brought down the Empire to uphold it? Reminds me of a rebellious switcheroo that's happened before.
  2. Finn
    Of course, skin color aside, it wouldn't be immediately obvious, but a long-standing uphill battle for the Skywalker lineage against tyranny would be fantastic plot fodder. Plus we don't know anything about the potential mother. Or really how genetics works at all in this galaxy far far away. But it sure would be great if he was wielding daddy's ol' saber in the next star war.
  3. Kylo Ren
    Ren is not his last name! It's an order of Knights devoted to the memory of Darth Vader. Like Neo Nazis. Maybe he's just trying to get in touch with the grandpa he never knew... by slaughtering as many people as he can. Love you Pop-pop!
  4. Rey
    Okay now I'm just throwing in all new characters. But there hasn't been any indication that she would be a Jedi. Yet. I would like the idea that the heritage of Jedi just stops at her. Like she somehow needs to connect with the force without being riddled with midichlorians and allowing the actions of other Jedi drive her toward her fate. Until, BOOM, 9th movie she erupts with unlimited light side force power. Hang on... I'm nerding all over the carpet.
  5. BB-8
    Luke is partial robot now, right? So maybe in his travels he and R2 somehow fused the organic... with the... mechanical... I'll get back to you on that one.
  6. Han Solo
    Guys, hear me out. Parsec travel has taken a weird toll on the family.
  7. Harry Potter
    This wine is fantastic and tastes like nickels.
  8. J. J. Abrams
    He once ignited a thermal detonator at a friend's birthday party and his eyes have become blind to light pollution.
  9. Keyser Soze
    And then like that, ::poof:: he's gone.
  10. Me
    End of list. I have to go work out a few things.