My All-Time Favorite Video Games

  1. Portal 2
    Portal and its sequel are not only two of the best puzzle games I've ever played, but two of the best games I've ever played. Portal 2 is easily the most hilarious game I have ever played, with a detailed story and deep characters who you never actually meet; there's nothing quite like the Portal Universe.
  2. BioShock Infinite
    If I had to pick my favorite video game story BioShock Infinite would have to be it. This game ventured to reference topics that other games have always been scared to. Religion, racism, and morality all find their place in this distopian drama. Add on DLC that ties a bow on the BioShock Universe and you have a novel worthy story.
  3. Grand Theft Auto V
    I know, I know. The name alone brings images of prepubescent boys and killing prostitutes. This is an unfortunate misconception of what I consider to be one of the most advanced technological achievements ever reached. While the world may be satirical, developers have made a beautiful and intricate simulation that surpasses anything else. A well written, and extensive storyline are unfortunately misconceived and one of the best video games in history is often wrongly judged.
  4. Monument Valley
    A short, beautiful, mobile puzzle game; Monument Valley is the penicle of what a mobile game should be. The open-to-interpretation story made me feel emotions more than once and I couldn't help to wish for more after quickly finishing.
  5. The Stanley Parable
    Playing video games I often find myself wishing I could go to places the game won't let me go. What if I didn't like the story I was being lead on? What if I could just ignore the story and make my own? The Stanley Parable allows you to do exactly this. While the gimmick of this game can grow old quickly, it will forever be my favorite game to show people who think video games can't be clever.
  6. Outlast
    Horror Games: some people love them, some hate them. They are generally used as short jump scare setups and are best played with friends. Outlast is different because it made me want to keep playing long after the lights came on and the friends left. A story worth getting into and always scary kept me interested. A story DLC where you get to replay the entire story in reverse is a genius addition to this rare gem.
  7. Bonus: Half-Life
    Half-Life and its sequel deserve much more credit than they're given. These games both broke down barriers and set the standard for what a shooter should be. While not my favorite games, I appreciate what these games have done to advance the technology of games and push games into new places.