1. Purposely fail to acknowledge them.
    Me: Is Sarah here today? Sarah: I'm right here Mr. Payton. Me: No Sarah today? That's odd. Alright. Is Adrien here? Sarah: I'm right here!
  2. Ease-drop on their talks and casually mention details and names about them in later conversations.
    Me: Oh yeah, I used to have a friend named Jenny. Hey Danny, how do you feel about the name Jenny? Is that a cute name to you?
  3. Tell them they can't play until their area is clean. Do not tell them what's wrong with it.
    Kid: How is it not clean? What else do I have I have to do!? WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO DO?!
  4. Incorrectly correct their grammar.
    Kid: He has the newest game. Me: You mean he "GOTS" the newest game. Kid: Mr. Payton I don't think... Me: Don't talk back!
  5. Have one minor rule that constantly changes
    Today Me: You may only use one paper towel when washing your table. Tomorrow Me: You must use at least two paper towels to wash your table. Me in two Days: You may not use paper towels for your table.
  6. Duck down in a group of kids and listen as they wonder where I am.
    Kid: Um.. did he leave us? What do we do now? Who's going to feed us snack? Does anyone know where they keep our snacks?!
  7. Stare intently to the area just left of a kid.
    Kid: Are you looking at me? Do you need something? What's happening right now?
  8. Tell them everyday that it is my last day. Occasionally take a day off and have the other teachers tell me how they freaked out.
    Kid: Is he really not coming back? Was is because of us?!
  9. Purposely mispronounce their names.
    Me: Is "Shara" here? What about "Dan-i"?
  10. When I get a new kid sit with him at the beginning of the day and trash talk the teacher.
    Me: Mr. Payton is really mean. He made me sit out for three hours one time.