1. "That's a very... neat sweater. Is it soft?"
  2. "Hey do you like lasagna? I like lasagna. I made way too lasagna. You should come over and eat lasagna with me."
  3. "You must be like... really strong. Right?"
  4. "So why did you break up with your last girlfriend? Not that I need to know or care or anything for future reference. I'm just really curious."
  5. "Do you like eating dinner?"
  6. "Some guys think I have a nice body. Do you think I have a nice body?"
  7. "My friend really likes you. She wanted to see if you wanted to hang out with us later. Oh yeah, I forgot she's busy later. Want to hang out with me anyway?"
  8. "I got a new bed. It's really comfortable. Do you want to try it?"
  9. "You're so sweet. If you liked me I wouldn't friend-zone you."
  10. "Are you like really really sure you're straight?"