1. Reading more
    I find that when I read a lot of books, I'm more driven to try at stuff. I do better in school because I feel smarter, even though I'm the same person as before I read Harry Potter.
  2. Losing 2 pounds
    2 seems like a small number in the perspective of all other numbers, but stepping on the scale and realizing you have lost 2 pounds instead of gaining 2 is a damn good feeling.
  3. My sweater collection
    Sweaters are not only comfy, but the best replacement for jackets when your mom tells you you're gonna be cold at the movie theater. That way you can throw on a sweater, not be cold, and also not have to give your mom the satisfaction of being right.
  4. Not apologizing when I don't do anything wrong
    I always say sorry whenever something happens... Even though I didn't do anything wrong.. /: