1. Cohutta
  2. Leroy
    Any season with Leroy is a win for me
  3. Nany
    Deserves it more than the rest of them
  4. Camila
    Probably a safe bet to win it all
  5. Johnny Bananas
    The man, the myth, the legend
  6. Cara Maria
    Can't compete with her arms although I predict Abram will be a distraction
  7. Tony
    Straight thug
  8. Abram
    Wild man but too big a heart
  9. Jenna
    Just a solid reality tv star
  10. KellyAnne
    Didn't she watch Battle of the Seasons and see how ridiculous Trishelle looked coming back after so many years
  11. Everyone else is tied for last
    Some weird Are You the One cast and Ex-plosion losers
  12. And then below them Aneesa
    Girl if KellyAnne too old you know you are