1. The lack in diversity sucks, ofcourse, but I don't completely blame it on the academy this year. I think the bigger problem is Oscar caliber roles aren't being given to black actors and actresses. I can't name many performances that could've broken into many of these acting nominations that would've helped diversify the field. That's the problem.
  2. I think this is finally Leo's year, but let's not act like the point is that he finally wins 1 Oscar. The point is the numerous times he deserved oscars and never won one and missed nominations for some of his best performances.
  3. "Snubs" - to clarify I believe a true snub means that there is someone nominated in that category that could be replaced. Obviously there are more than 5 great performances in every year, it's about deciding the top 5. I'm tired of people just naming good performances and calling it a snub.
  4. Tarentino missing out for original screenplay is probably the biggest snub. I'd put him over inside out and straight Outta Compton for sure. Same goes for Sorkin in adapted screenplay.
  5. Jason Mitchell In Straight Outta Compton would've been great to see but I don't know who he replaces in best supporting actor, same goes for Oscar Isaac for Ex Machina. Others include Jason Segal for The End of The Tour, And long shot but still a great performance Christopher Abbot in James White. All great performances but no room for them
  6. It's interesting the similarities this year of The Revenant vs Mad Max for the production awards as last years Birdman vs Boyhood. It seems like the popular most wide reaching film vs the highest quality most technically achieving film. So that's something to watch for.
  7. Spotlight is also a wildcard in the mix, my favorite film of the year but I don't know if it can beat out The Revenant for directing and best pic. Although I still think there needs to be an ensemble cast award and the would be Spotlights this year.
  8. I feel like the Big Short is the odd man out in a lot of categories like Christian Bales performance was good but not great to me and McKay getting a directing nom to me should've gone to Villenuava for Sicario. This may just stem from the fact that I didn't love the movie.