My first concert was in 1981 - I was 13 and I saw Black Flag. This led me down a lifetime path of extreme music - a passion which I love to share with anyone - here are some unique shows I've been to...
  1. Metallica - 1983 - New Brunswick, NJ
    Yup - I was there - Dave Mustaine exited a few months earlier - who knew they would become so big? The 100 people at this show did!
  2. Slayer - Full Reign In Blood album
    Red kayro syrup dripping down like rain when Raining Blood was played - a sticky mess of metal
  3. Ratt - Meadowlands, NJ 1985
    Good band for the time - why notable? Bon Jovi opened up - yes that band - one of their first big shows.
  4. Sounds Of The Underground - 2006
    Best metal festival ever - Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, Behemoth back to back to back - super fun.
  5. Pig Destroyer - 2014 - First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia
    Grind of the highest order - in the basement of a church - with about 200 people - each with open containers of alcohol - this was the last concert there and it was worth it.