An on-going list, often met with incredulity from my guy friends but if they were as funny as these people I'd totally crush on them too
  1. Nick Kroll
    Does this even need further explanation? #gilfasian
  2. John Mulaney
  3. Leo Allen
    95% of the reason why I've been going to Whiplash since 2008 (although Aparna has since stolen the show in the best possible way)
  4. Louis CK
  5. Anthony Jeselnik
  6. Aziz Ansari
    Note: I met Aziz at Blind Barber one time and semi-tried to hit on him, but later learned (thanks to a late night Google stalk) he had (and still has) a gf
  7. Mark Normand
  8. TJ Miller
    He one time epically took down a heckler at a Whiplash show at UCB and forever stole my heart
  9. Dan Soder
  10. BJ Novak
    One time he was at Whiplash and I'm pretty sure me and my friend were the two most excited audience members
  11. H Jon Benjamin
    Coach McGuirk for Life
  12. A D Miles
  13. Kristen Schaal
    Legitimately the most awesome and adorable thing to happen to comedy
  14. Daniel Kitson
    Before the radio show
  15. Simon Amstell
    Despite being gay
  16. John Oliver
  17. Bobby Tisdale
    Friendship claw