Still waiting for AAA to come save me because I'm helpless.
  1. Played Two Dots
  2. YouTubed how to change a tire
  3. Thought about how I could be home eating dinner if I knew how to change a tire
  4. Played more Two Dots
  5. Checked facebook
  6. Checked instagram
  7. Considering snap chatting me sitting in my car
  8. Didn't snapchat
  9. More Two Dots
  10. Thought about how I should've gone home and waited for AAA to call me when they got to my car
  12. Realized it's too late to go home now
  13. Or is it?
  14. It's too late
  15. Thought about what I'm gonna eat for dinner
  16. OMG should I order delivery to my car right now?!
  17. What if it gets here when AAA gets here
  18. But also, who cares?
  19. Okay I'll play Two Dots for 5 more lives and then I'll revisit the ordering delivery
  20. I lost all my lives again
  21. Man, I have to pee