I have all these pix but can't ruin the aesthetic of the gram do u feel me
  1. This guys Friday vibes were unreal
  2. Why do I like this new song so much and why is it in my fruit bowl WILL U EVER KNO?
  3. An in-prog Bart painting by street dude in soho
  4. Ppl b like "college"
  5. She wasn't invited 2 the frat party next door ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. A rlly nice dad
  7. This
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. When my flight was delayed at airport
  10. This woman locked in Florida
  11. What is nutrament
  12. Hey guys
  13. Teens r the best
  14. One of the more fucked up backpacks I've seen
  15. He knows somethin u don't he's watchin u
  16. U kno what it js
  17. We were out of chase
  18. She stuntin
  19. Big fan
  20. My whip reflection in Hollywood
  21. Me
  22. Spongebob my boi
  23. Lizard bros
  24. The epitome of luxury
  25. 🌅
  26. Please read this journal entry - I swear this is real and witnessed on subway and I had to capture the moment because what they wrote is so perfect "I hope my burrito doesn't-" !!!!!!!
  27. Grillin out with the landlords
  28. Amazing
  29. I have a feeling this guys name was josh
  30. Weird Windows
  31. Great shirt kid
  32. K
  33. They're great
  34. My girl @mfsaylor on my bday :) miss her
  35. Searching 4 bae
  36. At what establishment is this the staff I need 2 kno asking for a friend
  37. Sad day for u
  38. So good
  39. My dealers hood
  40. Blue boi
  41. She's getting the shot
  42. She likes what u did w the place
  43. Boy not knowing how to climb down ladder @mfsaylor
  44. But that's none of my business
  45. Lil house
  46. Don't kry khlo
  47. On set