I have all these pix but can't ruin the aesthetic of the gram do u feel me
  1. This guys Friday vibes were unreal
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  2. Why do I like this new song so much and why is it in my fruit bowl WILL U EVER KNO?
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  3. An in-prog Bart painting by street dude in soho
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  4. Ppl b like "college"
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  5. She wasn't invited 2 the frat party next door ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  6. A rlly nice dad
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  7. This
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  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. When my flight was delayed at airport
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  10. This woman locked in Florida
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  11. What is nutrament
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  12. Hey guys
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  13. Teens r the best
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  14. One of the more fucked up backpacks I've seen
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  15. He knows somethin u don't he's watchin u
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  16. U kno what it js
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  17. We were out of chase
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  18. She stuntin
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  19. Big fan
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  20. My whip reflection in Hollywood
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  21. Me
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  22. Spongebob my boi
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  23. Lizard bros
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  24. The epitome of luxury
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  25. 🌅
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  26. Please read this journal entry - I swear this is real and witnessed on subway and I had to capture the moment because what they wrote is so perfect "I hope my burrito doesn't-" !!!!!!!
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  27. Grillin out with the landlords
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  28. Amazing
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  29. I have a feeling this guys name was josh
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  30. Weird Windows
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  31. Great shirt kid
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  32. K
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  33. They're great
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  34. My girl @mfsaylor on my bday :) miss her
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  35. Searching 4 bae
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  36. At what establishment is this the staff I need 2 kno asking for a friend
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  37. Sad day for u
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  38. So good
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  39. My dealers hood
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  40. Blue boi
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  41. She's getting the shot
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  42. She likes what u did w the place
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  43. Boy not knowing how to climb down ladder @mfsaylor
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  44. But that's none of my business
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  45. Lil house
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  46. Don't kry khlo
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  47. On set
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