I love crying lol
  1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    the first time I saw this I was sick at home in eleventh grade and near the end I completely lost it and was crying so hard I had to go hide in the bathroom
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    I went into this movie in theater prepared to make fun of it because I thought it would be really ~trendy~ and dumb but ended up literally crying for the entire duration of the film--like sobbing-- was literally covered in snot and tear stains
  3. Ratatouille
    I just cry every time I hear the good review of the restaurant about how everyone can cook :') even a rat UGH!
  4. Au Revoir Les Enfants
    Just ugh
  5. Wall•E
    Let the record show that any Pixar movie will make me cry but holy crap when wall•E is about to die I DIE
  6. The Hours
    Bye !!!
  7. Lost in Translation
    I know this shouldn't make me cry but it's too pretty and also scarjo and Bill Murrays scene at the end really gets to me
  8. A Little Princess
    Another Afonso Cuaron film oh my god when the girl asks the headmistress if she's ever been told all girls are princesses !!!! And when she's yelling to her dad and he doesn't recognize her holy cowwwww
  9. Donnie Darko
    This is my fav movie of all time and I have prob seen it literally 40 times but I still cry during his monologue at the end- mainly because my goosebumps get so intense it hurts
  10. Super 8
    OHHH my god the end of this movie gives me so many feelings
  11. ET
    Lol same as super 8 bye! When Elliot cries I cry and then it cuts to baby Drew Barrymore !!!!!! UGH!!
  12. Gravity
    Ok I know this movie had a lot of hype but in my opinion it's underrated! It's basically a 100 million dollar art film. I saw it in theater 10 times... Actually not even lying. My ninth time I was with a friend and twenty minutes in she leaned over and asked how they filmed in space. That's how good the effects are so its enough to bring me to tears honestly
  13. Stand By Me
  14. The Cove
    Oh my god. This documentary about dolphin hunting in Japan is the original blackfish. The first and only time I will ever watch this I was in my freshman dorm sitting at my desk completely glued to the screen and actually ugly crying. My roommate walked in and I tried to play it cool but failed miserably oh my god this movie is tragic do not watch
  15. The Land Before Time
    The score. Littlefoot! Littlefoot's mom! So nostalgic about this movie *nay--film*
  16. Lars and the Real Girl
    Very convincing turn by sex doll as real girl- oh my god this movie broke my heart
  17. The Social Network
    The scene where you realize Eduardo has been fucked over by Zuckerberg + crew- so so good that it makes me cry
  18. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl
    I'm realizing I might be a cry baby