Arguably the best part of this time of year is watching horror/Halloween/thriller movies here r some recommendations from me 2 u
  1. Hocus Pocus
    This is an obvious first choice it's a classic it's amazing we all love it
  2. Halloweentown
    Disney channel original movies used 2 b so quality am I right
  3. Disturbia
    Very underrated update of Hitchcocks Rear Window, this time a teen on house arrest is convinced his neighbor (and mommys new love interest) is a killer.
  4. What Lies Beneath
    This is a really good horror thriller it's super slick and well done, it just oozes class for some reason.
  5. Drag Me to Hell
    This movie is so funny and so over the top. Just believe me that you must watch it. The ending? Killer.
  6. Fright Night (2011)
    Ok this movie did not get any attention but it is a true gem ! Collin Farrel plays a vampire living next door to teen boy played by Anton Yelchin. His mom is played by Toni Colette (she's a great character) and his girlfriend played by Imogen Poots. This movie is lol funny and also kinda scary and very slick.
  7. The Descent
    One of the scarier movies I've ever seen honestly - a group of lady friends gets trapped in a cave. That's never been explored. And it's not on the map. If that's not scary enough, it turns out there are monsters living down there ! Guess what happens next.
  8. Paranormal Activity (the first one)
    When I saw this movie in theater I was scared out of my mind, shocked to the core, spooked for literally weeks after watching it. If you're willing to suspend your disbelief and go with it, prepare to be scared shitless and also enjoy some clever filmmaking. Same goes for the third entry in the series.
  9. The Ring
    Naomi Watts. A beautiful original score and moody cinematography, a scary as fuck little girl who comes out of your TV. Maybe the least believable element in the film is now that a woman is watching something on a TV, off a VHS tape... The Ring 3 - haunted Netflix file? But srsly I love this movie.
  10. The Others
    This is a pretty classy little movie and Nicole Kidman is great in it. Bonus: it's on Netflix
  11. Joy Ride
    I love this movie haha. Honestly pretty scary and features Paul Walker (RIP) that girl from glass house, and Steve Zahn lol. Written by Jj Abrams which is prob why it keeps my attention.
  12. Scream (one and two)
    So meta ! So funny so good. Maybe don't watch the third... The fourth is kinda tight though honestly.