Truly one of the greater bands of our generation, their sound changes from record to record and it's always surprising and beautiful
  1. Cover Me (Slowly)
    This instrumental opening to Microcastle just gets me
  2. Agoraphobia
    This song comes immediately after Cover Me (Slowly) and it can be melancholy, happy, or morbidly depressing depending on what the sky looks like and how I'm feeling. I love it so much.
  3. Strange Lights
    This song makes me think of highschool and riding around in my green minivan without a care in the world and getting drunk in church parking lots and sneaking out
  4. Twilight at Carbon Lake
    I just love this song so much - the closing track to Microcastle which is one of my favorite albums of all time
  5. Helicopter
    This song is just crazy good like how did they make it? I love singing along to this and playing it with the bass really high.
  6. The Missing
    This is one of the few songs from Monomania (their sixth album that was too grungy for me) that I truly love love love. Just listen to it.
  7. Nothing Ever Happened
    The guitar solo at the end of this song shreds in the most melancholy perfect way
  8. Living My Life
    From the newest album, which has such a clean poppy sound ! This is a feel-good track.
  9. Don't Cry
    The second track on Halcyon Digest, this song is so short sweet and to the point. Sometimes I feel weird singing it bc it sounds a little creepy but it's not !
  10. He Would Have Laughed
    The closing track to Halcyon Digest, I made a stop motion short to this track in my freshman year of college called Diamond Epic :)
  11. Take Care
    This song is beautiful and I can easily see myself crying or laughing to it.
  12. Vox Humana
    This is from the b side to Microcastle, Weird Era Cont. and it's a really beautiful and tragic sounding song kind of in the spirit of the little miss sunshine score
  13. Sleepwalking
    Another good one from Monomania
  14. Never Stops
    The explosion of sound fifteen secs into this song is just perf