We were in Paris last week and fell further in love with The City of Light. The terrible attacks may have cut our trip short, but it can't touch our love of the city. So let's all share our favorite Paris eats, sights and memories.
  1. This hot and cold egg was the first course of our amazing dinner at l'Arpege.
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  2. Cappuccinos and chocolate croissants for breakfast. Every day!
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  3. Hot chocolate at Angelina
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  4. Crepes for daaaaaaays
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  5. 90 minutes outside the city is the Champagne region. Bubbles!
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  6. The best falafel in the world at L'as du Fallafel
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  7. Berthillon ice cream!
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  8. All the cheeses
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  9. Our favorite place in the world to picnic
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  10. Oh, Paris. The pastries!
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    Suggested by @matt_schoch
  11. Spring
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    1er. The most memorable meal of our trip in September. They serve a set menu and we were in the first seating, so every dish was a surprise. Our table was next to the open kitchen and it was really fun to watch the chefs work. I tried sweetbreads for the first time and loved their buttery richness. We also had wine from a region we'd never tried before--Corsica. Delicious.
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  12. Sit in on a class at LeCordon Bleu where Julia Child learned the art of French cooking.
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    Suggested by @lauracan
  13. Go to the famous kitchenware store Dehilleran and browse the same aisles where Julia Child bought her beautiful pots and kitchen tools.
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    Suggested by @lauracan
  14. I bought macarons in this shop and ate them in the Jardin de Luxembourg.
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    December 2014
    Suggested by @jb_piper
  15. Duck confit
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    Au Petit Sud-Ouest
    Suggested by @estherlimtf