Sorry friends, but we have a few things wrong when it comes to naming our food.
  1. French Toast ISN'T French at all.
    The popular breakfast dish dates back to medieval Europe in Spain and Germany. The French call it "pain perdu" (lost bread).
  2. White chocolate...isn't chocolate.
    White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids which is the primary component of chocolate liquor.
  3. German Chocolate Cake is an American creation.
    It was created in America by a man with the last name “German” in 1852.
  4. Head cheese is actually meat.
    You won't find any dairy here. Head cheese is meat from a pig's head often served as a jelly.
  5. Sweetbreads and sweet bread are different.
    Sweetbreads (one word) are the pancreas of a calf or lamb, whereas sweet bread (two words) is a sweet Portuguese bread.
  6. Rocky Mountains Oysters are bull testicles.
    Don't expect to see this dish at a seafood restaurant.