Say thanks at your Friendsgiving party to America's favorite - Tom Hanks
  1. Turkey and Hooch
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    You could also go with "Bosom Birdies."
  2. A'pollo' 13
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    For those who hate turkey...but love SPACE
  3. Stuffing in Seattle
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    Best eaten with a stranger at the Empire State Building
  4. That Thing You Brew
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    Drinks are never a one-hit wonder.
  5. Catch Me If You Canned
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    Frank Abagnale loves Cranberry Sauce
  6. Charlie Wilson's Roll
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    Only bread can end the Cold War
  7. You've Got Kale
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    Too easy
  8. Bridge of Pies
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    That latest Hanks masterpiece features apples and freedom
  9. Cask Away
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    When alone on an island, drink wine with a volleyball.