Get ready to feel inferior about your average, regular gingerbread house.
  1. Gingerbread Abbey
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    Last year, Martha Stewart made a replica of Masterpiece's Downton Abbey in gingerbread form. Even Mrs. Patmore was impressed.
  2. White House Gingerbread House
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    You don't want to compete against the White House pastry chef. This 500-pound dark-chocolate house is a "whopping 250 pounds of gingerbread, 150 pounds of chocolate and another 75 pounds of sugar and other baking ingredients."
  3. Everything's Bigger in Texas
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    Texas set a Guinness World Record in 2013 with a 40K cubic feet gingerbread house in the town of College Station.
  4. San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel
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    It is 22 feet high and 23 feet wide, and features thousands of home-baked gingerbread bricks and more than a ton of royal icing and candy décor.