Sure - Peach Melba is a classic dessert of vanilla ice cream, sugary peaches, and raspberry sauce, but it is as historical as it is tasty!
  1. January 13th is National Peach Melba Day.
    Yes, it has it's own day! How did that happen? We're not sure, but any excuse for dessert is a good one.
  2. It's named after an opera singer.
    French chef Auguste Escoffier created it in honor of popular Australian opera singer Nellie Melba in the late 1800s.
  3. The Peach Melba and Melba Toast are actually related!
    When Nellie Melba gained weight later in her career, Chef Escoffier created the thin baked toast to aid her diet. How...appetizing?
  4. The original creator doesn't want you to change the recipe.
    There are variations of this recipe using pears, strawberries, etc; however, Chef Escoffier said, "Any variation on this recipe ruins the delicate balance of its taste.” Learn more about the history of this dish here -