It's Girl Scout Cookie season! When you're placing your order this year, take pity on Shortbread. It needs your support.
  1. Thin Mints are inescapable!
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    Thin Mints are the Justin Timberlake of Girl Scout Cookies, but who would Justin be now without the other members of NSYNC?? That's where shortbread comes in - to be the Joey Fatone. Also...not everyone likes mint.
  2. Shortbreads are the essence of the Girl Scout program.
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    Their logo is right on the cookie! When you have a box of Shortbreads, you'll never forget the adorable faces that sold it to you.
  3. They pair surprisingly well with beer.
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    According to, Shortbreads pair well with Baltic porters and Scottish ales for a nice grown-up snack.
  4. You won't need to go to the gym immediately.
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    Shortbread cookies have almost half the fat and less than half the sugar of Thin Mints, so you won't need to work out as rigorously after you inevitably eat a whole sleeve in one sitting.
  5. It's the "Cookie CEO"!
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    When you order Shortbread, you're eating cookies "like a boss."