Adapting a Tibetan proverb. Is this too cheesy? probably, but no matter.
  1. Breath
    and smell the joy in the oxygen
  2. Eat less.
    Easier said than done.
  3. Walk double.
    Keep active outside, get a little UV in you.
  4. Laugh triple.
    There's a joke in there.
  5. Love without measure.
    If you can't love, be nice.
  6. Hope.
    Tomorrow is a new day.
  7. Grow herbs to eat.
    I'm getting a massive buzz from eating garden herbs I planted from seed. Adds a happy zing to all the food.
  8. Lie on the grass on a summers day and feel the world breath.
  9. The uncarved block
  10. Embracing the disrupters.