Some TV shows surpass entertainment and become art that inspires growth and change from the soul outward. These are the shows that have done that for me, even if it seems silly from the outside looking in. Also, I'm pretty nerdy.
  1. The Office
    This show is so much more than TV. It reminds me to see the extraordinary, the humor, and the love with in every moment. The mix of exaggerated situational comedy with real reactions and so much heart makes this a show in its entirety a true work of art. I see the story in the ordinary and am inspired (much by Michael Scott) to see all people as either my very best friends or family.
  2. Doctor Who
    "What would The Doctor do?" is in a strange way much more relatable and a hell of a lot more entertaining than that Jesus fella, but has the same effect. I see the beauty of life in everything, people, nature, even technology. Violence is never the answer, humor usually is the answer, knowledge never hurts, everyone is interesting, and you don't have to be perfect to help and inspire the best in people.
  3. The Simpsons
    Admittedly I stopped watching The Simpsons years ago, but this show was the first depiction of true love, self love and contentment. You will fuck up, but the people who love you will still love you. Loving doesn't mean perfect, the world isn't always an easy place, but damn it if I want a donut in getting one. There is humor, love and irony in every moment.
  4. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Ah, the lessons, the lessons: You have to be so aware to be people this unaware. ANY life path is a good path. Love and hate look very similar at times. Be yourself, whoever that is, and find people who still stick around. Being a horrible person doesn't make you a horrible person. And everything will always be okay. Always.
  5. Louie
    Louie is the honest messed up father we all need to make us think and set us straight. From his stands to his insecurities, he guides me one way or another.