Cute Pictures of My Chiweenie

Her name is Penny, also called: Ween, Doxie, Doxianna, Shitty Bill, The Shit Hound, Doxie Brown, Penelope (pronounced Peen-uh-lope)
  1. Sleeping in blankets with her bone.
  2. Bundled up behind hubs.
  3. She gets really cuddly.
  4. Casually lounging on my huge pregnant belly.
  5. Alllll the neck rolls.
  6. Pillow Dachshund.
  7. Just relaxing, casually 😂
  8. Wearing her coat.
  9. With her chiweenie friend.
  10. Wrapped in a blanket.
  11. Giving the belly.
  12. Waiting for me to come out of the bathroom.
  13. Sleeping like a baby Stella.