Some things no one told you about having a baby
  1. Being induced can take HOURS
    12 1/2 to be more specific
  2. Getting your water broken is WEIRD.
    Like, I understand that it comes from inside your body, but it was surprisingly warm. Warmer than pee. So weird.
  3. Epidurals are the strangest thing.
    I had no idea that it was a continuous thing that they run into your spine like an IV. Also, they numb you before they do it, but you still feel this weird nerve twitch down your back and legs while they place the tiny catheter in your spine. After it starts working, it feels like everything from the waist down is asleep- like pins and needles.
  4. Pitocin (sometimes) gives you the horrible shakes.
    The drug they used to induce labor made my hands shake uncontrollably. Once I got the epidural and they cranked up the pitocin my hands were shaking violently and all the muscles in my chest and arms were twitching. I felt fine (better than fine because I was numb) but my husband was freaked out because of how much I was shaking.
  5. Sometimes they tell you that "once you get the epidural you can take a nap for a few hours" and then you dilate six centimeters in 25 minutes and it's time to push.
    Seriously. I was 4 cm when I got my epidural after nine hours of labor. It was 7:45 pm. By 8:30 it was time to push.
  6. It isn't just a few pushes and the baby is out.
    I pushed this little peanut for THREE HOURS. That was just his head. Once his head was out he shot his arm out and just flew out.
  7. There is SO MUCH BLOOD.
    Not always, but not abnormal either. When Ryker flew out he was propelled by a blood geyser. He shot out like a bloody cannon ball. The doctor was covered in blood. There was three inches of blood on the floor. When they handed him to me, I had blood dripping down both arms and my gown was plastered to me with blood. I never expected that to happen.
  8. You really do forget the pain when you get to hold your baby.
    I did nine hours without an epidural (which SUCKED) and then after pushing for an hour they turned off my epidural so I could feel my pushes better. I felt all of my labor except an hour and 45 minutes. It hurt. Pushing hurt. Contractions hurt- but as soon as they handed him to me it was gone. No more pain (I was sore the next few days, yes). It was like an instant relief.
  9. Now I have an 11 day old baby boy who likes to sleep, eat and pee on the wall when you change his diaper. Lucky isn't a strong enough word for this.
  10. Ryker Hawke Skywalker Hull
    Born March 3rd at 11:30 pm. 8lbs .02 oz, 20 1/2 inches long.