I just keep thinking about that piece of shit swimmer in Stanford, and that poor girl he assaulted. It has brought up a lot of personal uncomfortable feelings for me. So I just wanted to say:
  1. As someone who was assaulted while unconscious, the only thing that means yes is yes. Plain and fucking simple.
  2. White privilege is a real thing, because that scumbag should be going away for a long time.
  3. Victim blaming is the fucking worst.
    Isn't it enough what he did to that poor girl? Now they are dragging her name through the mud. Insinuating that she liked it. That she CAME.
  4. I don't know about you, but I don't usually cum when I am fingered so forcefully THAT THERE ARE LACERATIONS IN MY VAGINA.
  5. I read a thing on Facebook that was 100% true.
    It said that alcohol is not an excuse. Alcohol just intensifies feelings you already had. Removes your inhibitions. Taking what he wanted and hurting that girl were that piece of shit's truest desires.
  6. I just feel sad. For her. For our justice system. For all the women and men this happens to that are too scared to tell someone.
    Only 13% of victims of sexual assault report the crime, because people in power ask them what they were wearing, or drinking.
  7. Sorry this list took a dark turn.
    This whole thing just makes me so sad.