1. My grandma.
    I just miss her. I have so much I'd like to tell her about the last 13 years. I'd like for her to hear about my husband and son.
  2. Tyler
    My best friend hung himself in 2008. I would very much like to just bullshit with him.
  3. Charles Bukowski
    I am a huge fan of Bukowski's poetry. There is something about the way that he makes cynicism beautiful that appeals to me on every level.
  4. Conor Oberst
    This beautiful genius. My favorite songwriter of all time.
  5. Bernie Sanders
    I am just a fan. He gives me hope. He seems like a genuine guy.
  6. Kurt Cobain
    He was the first person to ever show me that it's ok not to be like everyone else.
  7. Tess Holliday
    She is the queen of body positivity. Taught me that all bodies are good bodies.