Also me bitching about how shin tattoos hurt.
  1. Stenciled up.
    Shin tattoo! I don't ever have money for tattoos (five month old and dead end job), but I decided that on my birthdays (my birthday was the end of July- therefore tattoo happened) and Christmas I am going to start asking for cash/gift certificates to get work done. Tattoos are my favorite thing on earth, and they last literally forever.
  2. Travis!
    I used to live above a tattoo shop. Travis is the owner. I haven't gotten work done by anyone else since Travis first tattooed me. It is nice getting tattooed by someone who is my friend. It's more fun, and I think hurts less. I was way calmer.
  3. Finished! (Kind of. Sat for 2 1/2 hours and it was getting swollen so we stopped. Letting it heal then going back for some more shading and a background).
    This tattoo is a The Front Bottoms fan tattoo. The text reads "I will help you swim" from their song Twin-Sized Mattress, the rib cage and heart is from another lyric "crack my rib cage open, pull my heart right through", and the rose is simply because they have an album called Rose. So much The Front Bottoms love 😍😍😍
  4. Shin tattoos fuckin hurt.
    Not awful, not great either. I feel like I am getting old, because they all hurt now.