Yesterday was my due date. Still pregnant.
  1. Pro: Everyone wants to feed me.
    Go over to someone's house: "Oh, let me get you something to eat". People at work bring me pepperoni rolls. My husband brings candy home from work. It's really never ending.
  2. Pro: People tell me I look "beautiful" even when I do not.
    Fat, bloated and tired (huge bags under my eyes) and people will still tell me that I look "cute/ beautiful/ glowing".
  3. Pro: Maternity Pants
    Guys. The pants with the stretchy thing that goes over your belly are the best thing that ever happened to me. You don't have to mess with buttons or zippers, and your pregnant gut is just swaddled in spandex. So much win.
  4. Pro: No one ever questions my desire to take a nap.
    Sometimes they'll even say "why don't you go lay down?" Yes. Don't mind if I do.
  5. Pro: No one lets me carry anything, ever.
    No helping with groceries, taking laundry upstairs etc.
  6. Pro: Long hair and nails
    Prenatal vitamins have resulted in the longest, fastest growing, hair and nails.
  7. Cons: Weight Gain.
    Obviously you get fat during pregnancy. They don't mention that it is physically painful to carry the weight around. I have gained 60lbs, and it is mostly belly which has wrecked havoc on my back and hips for like 25 weeks.
  8. Con: Hormone Induced Acne
    I will admit I have been blessed with clear skin my whole life, but I was not prepared to be pimple faced for nine months.
  9. Con: Sex is weird.
    It doesn't hurt, but once you get huge it can be kind of awkward. There is just a huge belly on the front of me that didn't used to be there.
  10. Con: Frequent Urination
    So being pregnant makes me really thirsty. Combine that with an eight pound baby that I have carried low for the majority of my pregnancy and you get me having to pee pretty much every half hour. Nothing like waking up ten times a night to pee.
  11. Con: Hearing everyone's pregnancy horror stories
    Total strangers have told me about how badly they tore. Uncomfortable conversation. Now that I am close to my scheduled induction and overdue, I am starting to hear about how bad it hurts, much you bleed etc. Not constructive.