Things I like/do that my husband thinks are weird.

  1. When I make a bagel, I don't close it sandwich style once I butter it.
    He says this is the asshole way to carry a bagel from the kitchen to the table, but I don't like my butter/cream cheese to get unevenly proportioned when I close it. I put exactly as much as I want on each side.
  2. I eat hard boiled eggs.
    Ugh. I love them. I ate them every day when I was pregnant. I still eat them pretty frequently. So good! Bryan thinks they're gross.
  3. I love yogurt.
    Bryan hates yogurt. We recently had him try Greek yogurt, and he was actually upset. He said it was so much worse than regular, which he didn't think was possible. I like yogurt in any form EXCEPT fruit on the bottom. I like the idea of fruit on the bottom, but the texture is bad.
  4. Smoke menthols
    He would rather go without a cigarette than smoke one of mine. More for me! I know, I know, smoking is bad for me...
  5. Get tattoos whenever I can
    I have to 18 tattoos. I get them pretty much whenever I can. Bryan has 2. He said he could go the rest of his life without one and it wouldn't bother him. Blasphemy!
  6. I'm sure there are more. I just can't think of them.