And the story behind (most of) them
  1. Lake Texoma
    From my first road trip after high school. Summer 2013
  2. Gulf Shores State Park
    Also from the first road trip. My friends and I slept on the beach to watch the sunrise. Summer 2013
  3. Static
    After driving 12 hours straight through the night on the way back from Gulf Shores. I didn't want the trip to be over yet so I sat in my car, ate a muffin, and watched the sunrise. Summer 2013
  4. Static
    Summer 2013
  5. Static
    Fall 2013
  6. Static
    Fall 2013
  7. Static
    Fall 2013
  8. Somewhere in New Mexico
    My first cross country road trip. I ended up staying awake for about four days straight bc I was so excited. Spring 2014
  9. La Jolla
    The first time I saw the Pacific Ocean
  10. Middle of Nowhere, Arizona
    After driving 4 hours through the desert at night, we realized we drove to the wrong side of the Grand Canyon. Apparently, they close the north ridge off for the winter because of bad road conditions. It makes sense. We actually hit the semi in front of us when he slammed on his breaks trying to avoid another car that had spun out. Spring 2014
  11. Static
    Fall 2014
  12. Winter Park, FL
    I moved to Florida for six months and it was awful, but here's an okay picture of an okay sunset. After I took this picture, I met a man who was doing yoga while eating frozen yogurt. Spring 2015
  13. Cocoa Beach, Fl
    One of my last few days in Florida, I decided going to the beach was more important than sleep. Spring 2015
  14. Static
    When I moved back home, lightning storms were all the rage. Actually getting a handful of good pictures of lightning made me feel very accomplished. Summer 2015
  15. County Fair
    Every year, my friends and I say we aren't going to the fair, and every year we somehow end up there anyway. Summer 2015
  16. Static
    This was originally a time lapse. I went on a field trip to the Art Museum and got a chai latte from a really cute coffeeshop that day. Fall 2015
  17. Garfield Park Conservatory
    From the day I skipped class and went to my favorite park watch the leaves fall. Fall 2015
  18. Static
    One of the few perks of working the morning shifts at a job I absolutely hated. Fall 2015
  19. Static
    I think this was the brightest rainbow I've ever seen. Fall 2015
  20. The Highline, NY
    My first time in NYC. I didn't want to look too touristy but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the moon. Fall 2015
  21. Static
    I recently realized I don't take many pictures of the sky anymore. I think it has to do with the strange feeling I get when I see a nice sunset. It's like a feeling of nostalgia but for the moment that I'm in. Idk I'm weird. Summer 2016
  22. Static
    After accidentally showing up for a morning shift I wasn't supposed to work, I took the opportunity to drive around the country and spend my morning drinking iced coffee and reading poetry. Summer 2016
  23. Bunbury Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio
    My first three day festival, definitely sometime I'll never forget. The fireworks going off behind The Killers set, how it started pouring down rain when The Neighbourhood started playing Sweater Weather, and of course, the rainbow afterwards. Summer 2016
  24. The end I guess???