1. BossyPants by Tina Fey
    Because I mean come on. Who doesn't like Tina Fey. She enlightens you to how her life played out and let's you know that if you're 20 and still a virgin that it's okay. Because she was too.
  2. Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman
    Because who doesn't love hearing Ron Swanson talk about how he does the nasty with his wife. Priceless.
  3. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
    I haven't read this yet, but let's be real this one will be the best.
  4. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by @mindy
    Because honestly, if Mindy Kaling isnt your hero then what are you doing with your life? She's so funny and just spits the truth every chance she gets. 10/10 recommend.
  5. Why Not Me by @mindy
    Again, Mindy Kaling.
  6. The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman
    Honestly, she's one of the funniest people ever. Enough said.
  7. A Million Ways To Die In The West by Seth Macfarlane
    Book adaptations of movies are never quite as good but honestly, this movie was aces and the book is just as funny. Seth Macfarlane never fails to please when it comes to comedy and this book is no different.
  8. Egghead by Bo Burnham
    Bo Burnham is genius. This book is genius. His poetry is no different than his standup shows. Smart and funny. Highly recommend.