Today is the day I start using li.st. (10/14/15) They're still beta-testing this app & I think it's been highly impressive! @bobbyhundreds is my favorite journalist of this generation & I look forward to seeing more of his work on here. Reason why I joined li.st? I believe in the form of blogging & inconsistent mind-play in my own personal way.
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    I have so many things I need to do in order to feed my soul, but hey that's about all of us. So I've been thinking and that's pretty much what a lot of my time goes to.
    Here is a photo of one of the many things on my mind. In less than a week, my job is relocating into a larger square footage of space. It has to be one of the most exhilarating "gamechangers" of 2015 for me and my team that I call family.
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    Another thing I have going for me is that my mom took a trip to the Philippines for 2 weeks, leaving my medically ill dad with me for the time being.
    So far it's been good although him being sick with Parkinson's Disease doesn't make any situation better. Being clinically experienced, I'd have to say we as a family are doing a tremendously terrible job and I wish to better that. Both parents are very stubborn so that means I have to work twice as hard to lessen leniency. Wish me luck!
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    So... I recently got myself a Medical Marijuana Referral and it honestly changed my life.
    I finally mustered up the courage to go out on a Sunday (my only off-days from work) and got myself a gold ticket. I specifically mentioned that I had insomnia, stress, and anxiety -- which are a few of the many things I really do have and am not proud of. Although, throughout the strongest dosages I've had so far, still hasn't cured any of those things for me yet. I'm still looking for that certain entity to come my way.
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    An important part of me feels the need to branch out and find more about myself at an entirety.
    Yes I finished nursing school to make my parents proud and satisfied. Now that that's finished, I had time to go back and continue what I started-- Photography. It's one of those things you hold onto and cherish quite beautifully as an art craft or a talent you thought you'd never have. I've thought about venturing into many other business opportunities (Music, Art, Fashion-- Various other things) and to work with what I love. It's only the beginning to bigger and better things from here on out.
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    Money. "It never really was an issue until...", said nobody.
    This year helped my realize that capitalizing on money was my next smartest move. I learn something new everyday and I am grateful to know people who are knowledgable in this field. I recently learned about credit, how to pay bills, and how to manage spending. (Although my mom really knows how to make everything more difficult.) The only thing I knew was profit. I'm currently in the process of debt but I hope to clear that as soon as possible. Big things coming in the future! *fingers crossed*
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    That's the way it goes.
    If only thought bubbles were physical so we can pick and choose / drag and delete things we want or don't want to think about. Or if our lives were actually controlled by the internals of 2016 technology, we'd be able to "clear" or "edit" anything that goes on. But hey, that's just another thought. (*And the ball continues rolling*) BUT ANYWAY 👉🏼 I hope to stay consistent on this app as it will most likely grow on me sooner than I think!