There is too much to do before I can sleep. 😴
  1. Get off the couch. 🛋
    So far the hardest part.
  2. Brush my teeth. 😬
  3. Put Mixxy away. 😺
    I have to crate one of my cats at night because he pees on the couch if I don't. Sometimes he goes willingly, sometimes I have to chase him around because he think I'm playing.
  4. Put my night cream on. 🍌
    I've become alarmed at how bad my forehead wrinkles look so I've been using a night cream and pretending I see results. It looks and smells like a banana.
  5. Close my closet doors.🚪
    This is easier said than done. Everyday shoes come spilling out even though I never touched them and each night I shove them back in. The doors have to be closed because another cat (Mixxy is innocent this time) chews up my shoes. Toby wishes he was a dog.
  6. Turn the lights out. 💡
    I always forget one and have to get up to turn it off.