Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was my birthday.
  2. I was living in the dorms at WMU.
    Go Broncos. 🐎
  3. My friends and I got a birthday cake from Meijer.
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    I miss that jacket and that shirt. I do not miss 2006 Whitney.
  4. It was obnoxiously decorated and we had also bought extra frosting and sugar letters. We put "Happy birthday Whitney! From Michael Buble" on it. I don't remember why.
    I don't think I had ever even heard a Michael Buble song then.
  5. We got a group together and went to my friends' room to eat the cake together.
  6. They sang "Happy Birthday" and we cut the cake.
  7. I took a few bites and then I took a bite and choked.
  8. I watched my friends look at me in horror while I desperately tried to breathe.
  9. I remember thinking how dumb it would be to die on my birthday on a couch in front of all my friends.
    Clearly no one knew what to do. We were all 18 years old and stupid.
  10. Eventually I coughed the cake up and I could breathe again.
  11. One of my friends laughed hysterically because she was scared.
  12. Only one of them made a move to try to help me.
  13. Obviously I did not die and I now own the couch I almost died on.