Called "I Can't Sleep (Again)"
  1. Album artwork:
  2. 4 AM
    Don't confuse it with the Matchbox 20 banger "3AM" because this song is an hour later.
  3. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
    Always on and always showing those classic like Hart to Hart and Matlock. Inspiring.
  4. I Can't Sleep (Again)
    Title track. A ballad. Not even close to being the best song on the album.
  5. Go Away, Toby!
    Dedicated to my cat who insists on sleeping on my legs.
  6. Don't Look Up the Symptoms of a Pulmonary Embolism
    My dad died from a pulmonary embolism in 2010. It started out as a deep vein thrombosis and I'm convinced every time I have a slight pain in my leg that I have one. So every night. A surprisingly upbeat melody.
  7. Wikipedia Rabbit Hole
    Wikipedia is my White Rabbit. I will blindly follow links for hours
  8. Other Side
    A song exploring the mystery and allure of the other side of the pillow and why it's so much better.
  9. Night Lights
    Think Darude's "Sandstorm" but better. Is a chart topper in the Netherlands but never does that well in the US.
  10. Get Up (And Go Pee)
    It will be really popular at weddings until I get sued by Cupid because it's the "Cupid Shuffle" and I'm not even trying to hide it.