I'm sure other people do these things...but it feels like they don't.
  1. Spray perfume on before bed.
    Not in a Marilyn Monroe, all I wear to bed is Chanel No. 5 way, but in an I like to smell like coconuts in bed kinda way.
  2. Sleep with a blanket or Puffy over my head.
    I'm on my second Puffalump. OG Puffy retired a few months ago after putting in 27 years of faithful service. He's resting on my bookshelf.
  3. Use a blanket even when I'm not remotely cold.
    It's 95 degrees with 98% humidity and I have a blanket over my legs. Am I sweating? Buckets but I still find it comforting.
  4. Wear lipstick around the house but never outside the house.
    Wearing lipstick makes me feel self conscious but I like wearing it. I can do a bold eye but not a bold lip.