1. Oreo.
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    Wyatt is great but he's not the best dog ever. There can only be one. I miss him everyday.
  2. My dad.
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    Christmas was a dad holiday so I pretty much spend the whole season bitter about happy families and crying at stupid sappy commercials.
  3. Decorating my apartment for the holidays.
    The crappy apartment made my cheap decorations look fancier and more festive. They just look cheap in my house.
  4. Having friends close by.
    Everyone is at the bar and I'm sitting at home in my robe because I have no friends within a fifty mile radius.
  5. My cats as kittens.
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    It's a controversial opinion but kittens are better than puppies. They're much less annoying and needy. Maybe even cuter. I may love Wyatt more than the cats but I'm firmly team cat.
  6. Going to school.
    I like learning. If you could guarantee me no papers, I'd go to school forever. Chemistry lab? Yes, please. The history of Michigan? Okay.