Accidentally Mean Things My Parents Have Said to Me

aka sometimes my parents remind me that they're just humans still trying to get the "raising a kid thing" right
  1. The time they tried to be understanding of my introvertedness
    Mom: Is that really all the friends you're inviting to your birthday party? Dad: *nudges mom* Honey, she doesn't have that many friends.
  2. The time my mom tried to encourage me to lose weight
    Mom: *points to an extremely obese person* Every time I look at you, that's what I see.
  3. The time my dad wanted to show me the importance of taking care of my hair
    Dad: *points to girl sitting in front of us* Why can't you have hair like that? You'd look better.
  4. The time my mom actually hated the gift I gave her even though she pretended to like it
    Mom: I forgot, is this the thing your grandma gave to me? I was just going to throw it away, it's kind of tacky.
  5. The time my dad got mad at me for calling him "dude"
    Dad: Don't call me that, I'm not your friend.