Beyoncé's Best Albums Ranked

Beyoncé is one of the best—if not the best pop stars and artists of our lifetime. You can dispute that how ever much you want but it's the irrevocable truth. Here's my list ranking all her albums from least to most favorite.
  1. #6 - I Am...Sasha Fierce
    Beyoncé gave us a dual disc album with this one, with one half being more ballad focused and the other full of pop/radio hits. This album gave us "Smash Into You", "Diva", "Sweet Dreams" and couple of other bops. Songs that I could do without are "If I Were A Boy", "Ava Maria", and few others tbh. I know Bey was giving us more of her songwriter/acoustic vibes on this one and the vocals are beautiful—as always. What she say? Not me. She ain't no Diva.
  2. #5 - Dangerously In Love
    An iconic solo debut that put our girl on the path she's on now. I'll never forget when "Crazy In Love" came out and had the girls shook. It's interesting to also hear Beyoncé's vocals sound so young to where they are now! "I believe that harmonies are colors.." We got some iconic songs from this album that Bey still loves to perform today. "Signs" is a Missy collab that we didn't know we needed but so glad we got. I also play "Yes" multiple times a week.
  3. #4 - 4
    Full of reminiscent 90s R&B vibes and bangers. We got "Party" "Love On Top", "Countdown" "Dance For You" on this album. Some of Beyoncé best ballads are on here too. "I Care", Frank Ocean penned "I Miss You" and "Rather Die Young" which I don't believe we ever got a live performance of. "End of Time" just makes you wanna stomp and give choreography every time you hit play. One of Beyoncé best and slightly underrated albums.
  4. #3 - B'Day
    Listen. #Justice4BDay. The instrumentation. The lyrics. The VIDEOS. This album was the start of Bey's exploration of Black womanhood and visual artistry. "Freakum Dress", "Suga Mama", "Kitty Kat", "Deja Vu" (which gets paid dust still today) and just The Beyoncé Experience made this album the iconic era it was. Wish she would perform more from this album on her tours, but we all know Beyoncé can do whatever she wants. And do it better than everybody else.
  5. #2 - Lemonade
    If there was any piece of art, any album, any artist, any music topic discussed last year it had to include Lemonade. Beyoncé's 2nd visual album that premiered on HBO still had an air of mystery around it before it dropped. Even though we got "Formation"—another surprise release—prior to seeing the film, we just didn't know what Lemonade was going to be about. We just knew it was gonna be Black and feminine and powerful as fuck. And it was. "Love Drought" is one of the best songs of the decade.
  6. #1 - BEYONCÉ (Self-Titled)
    I know most people would probably give Lemonade the number 1 spot, but Self-Titled was the album that solidified Beyoncé's status as the only woman in this industry who can do what she does and literally make the world stop. I remember the night this dropped before I graduated college the next day. I can still get chills when I think about how this unexpected masterpiece of art and music just came outta nowhere. Visually stunning and entrancing. This album will never be old. We will never forget