Better late than never
  1. Hi. I'm Lian
    Here I am making this list after running out of conversation topics with this half-naked lady.
  2. I moved to LA last year and fell into a job at as an events coordinator
    Originally from Singapore by way of Connecticut. And absolutely no idea what I'm doing next...
  3. I met my best friend when we were assigned as random roommates our freshman year and we have been best friends (and roommates) ever since!
    Six years and counting...
  4. My family is the coolest. Literally all of them are way cooler than me.
    Here are my parents posing by my napping brother while apple picking
  5. I recently got into cross stitching and embroidery
    I also do puzzles and bake. I'm ready to be a grandma.
  6. My first ever album was All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2.
    I got it when I was 9. I consequently have the most dad taste in music
  7. The Mighty Boosh is the absolute best
    I once put shaving cream all over my face to be the moon. It burned.
  8. I've been trying to teach myself the accordion.
    I don't think my neighbors like it.
  9. That's it I think
    What's up with you?