as the only person waiting at a stoplight that seems to be eternally red
  1. Aggressively avoid eye contact
  2. Smile apologetically at the cars driving by as the man throws his sign in the air and points at the drivers
  3. Check your phone and pretend to be absorbed in a podcast as the man starts singing
  4. Tap your foot to show you are very busy and are not interested in the man and his sign
  5. Glance at the sign just to know why this man is so enthusiastic
  6. Oh. It's for a band. They actually sound pretty cool. Who gets a sign twirler for a band?
  7. The dude is actually a great singer too.
  8. Consider talking to dude
  9. Notice the light has changed and resume your very busy expression and briskly walk across the street straight into that Pinkberry