Things I Rant About

  1. I like to rant about split top white bread
  2. I enjoy ranting about foreign films that I haven't watched
  3. I love ranting about being a misunderstood rebellious teenager
  4. I adore ranting about how the Muppet's show is appreciated for all the wrong reasons
  5. I appreciate ranting about institutional racism is made up by fox news
  6. I have fun when I'm ranting about how mac demarco will have lung cancer by the time he's 30
  7. I rant about how the moon is a hologram
  8. I sometimes rant bout people who don't think J Cole is the greatest rapper
  9. I occasionally rant about how flynt Michigan's water is turning the frogs gay
  10. I reluctantly rant about how all of my friends are fake and how they just like to start drama just because I go behind their back and talk about their deepest insecurities to my half uncle tom
  11. I like to rant about women am I right fellas?
  12. I only rant about how I have a fulfilling middle class suburban life and a family that loves me and food on the table on mondays
  13. What do you rant about? Post in the comments bellow. Follow for the chance to win an I phone 4