They are 2 years old and 7 weeks old, so I need something to look forward to
  1. Kyoto
    When they are 12 and 10, old enough to do grown up things
  2. Paris
    When they are teenagers. 18 and 16 maybe. Let them go out and be independent the way I got to. And then I can enjoy doing expensive stuff alone with my husband
  3. Road trip through the American southwest
    When they are 7 and 9. I took a great trip like that with my family at that age and it is the source of most of my childhood vacation memories
  4. Hawaii
    As soon as they are both really strong swimmers. Maybe 6 & 8. Maybe sooner than that. As soon as possible.
  5. Washington DC
    Many times, to see friends and do educational activities
  6. Wisconsin for Christmas
    Hopefully many times, so that they may have white Christmases
  7. Las Vegas
    For each of their 21st birthdays. Go crazy kids, I'll be too old to have fun anymore
  8. Costa Rica
    When they come up with a vaccine for Zika