Some jokes made up by @Ldawg @devonwhoisntonthisappyet and me. Everything and anything can be a fish joke. Enjoy!
  1. What fish will star in the next fast and the furious movie?
    FIN diesel (and Dwayne the rock lobster)
  2. What's the best K records fish band?
  3. How did the fish accountant want to appear during his performance review?
  4. What instrument does the fish play?
    The violFIN
  5. What did the fish sleep with the light on?
    He was afraid of the shark
  6. What fish singer-songwriter duo wrote the hit "sound of silence"?
    Salmon and Gar-FIN-kel
  7. What was the fish kicked out of the band?
    He couldn't tuna guitar
  8. What fish has her own reality show and married into rap royalty?
    Fin Koi-rdashian
  9. Why did the fish move out of his house?
    It was too tilapia-dated
  10. Why did the fish take his car to the mechanic?
    To get a tuna-p
  11. Who is the best fish time traveler?
    Marty Mcfly fishing
  12. Why insult did the messy fish receive?
    What, were you raised in a barn-acle?
  13. What did the fish say to her nervous sweetheart?
    Your hands are clam-my
  14. What does a lazy fish do?
    Nada. (means both nothing and swim in Spanish)
    Suggested by @moonjockey