Great moments with the my father the hero star, brought to you by me and @Ldawg dedicated to @vanessariegel
  1. Here we go
    Ce1c7a27 ef5d 49f6 90b3 98847dfdba83
  2. Hello there
    8d8a0d58 7f99 4140 9f13 4573734c9eab
  3. Who me??
    4cdf6968 9d37 435b aec3 baca31b98240
  4. Cheers!!!
    E8b41482 b36d 41b0 9a40 768230f4af78
  5. Cheers!!!
    C49257af 3f18 4bb5 a68a f4115f67ec98
  6. Cheers!!!
    30c54d32 07a9 4c79 addb 563e317b7022
  7. Cheers!!!
    1c9a27a6 05cf 45e5 ba0d 3875b86014b1
  8. Surprise!!!
    30f494c4 d7a7 4578 8eca f225e8dd09a9
  9. Wheeeeee
    F23dde94 6ff9 43ec a4d6 8b0d5e3ee9b7
  10. Sup
    6c9af434 6b59 4059 9fba 5fd0747b620b
  11. An extra one, just because
    Fabfec3b ea75 4ea4 ae6e 9c146b3c4c54