A very special Halloween list of some wacky things zombies can get up to
  1. A classic gag! Gotcha zombie!
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  2. The old slipping on a banana peel. Comedy gold zombie!
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  3. Farting during yoga. How embarrassing! But hey at least this zombie takes good care of her body and mind!
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  4. This zombie needs some coffee before he can drink his coffee. Lol.
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  5. Skateboarding fail. A good try though! You'll get em next time zombie!
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  6. Walking into a glass door. Ouch! They keep that door so clean it looks like nothing is there! Tricked ya zombie!
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  7. A young zombie dropping her ice cream. Don't cry over spilt ice cream lil zombie!
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  8. Hey zombie dude, your fly's down!
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  9. Uh oh, a leaky pen. Looks like this zomb needs a pocket protector!
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