Some thoughts on how I would change history...
  1. I'd be the photographer who followed Secretariat in all 3 of his Triple Crown races. My published photos would raise enough money to find a cure for laminitis. Big Red would then live to be 33 years old.
  2. I'd go horseback riding with Roy Rogers and Trigger. I would invite Bullet to run along beside us.
  3. I'd be one of the judges at the 1692 Salem witch trials so the outcome would be more joyful. The 4 little girls who lied and started it all would be sent to a girls' school in Boston. Salem would become a peaceful place.
  4. I would take care of President Washington's mules.
  5. I would be standing with Captain Smith on the deck of the TITANIC and insist he slow down through the icy ocean lanes. I would also order lifeboat drills shortly after departure.
  6. I would be the fill-in for Ginger when she got tired and the fill-in for Fred when HE got tired. And I would dance flawlessly.
  7. I would stop the doctors from digging their unsanitary fingers into President Garfield's bullet wound thereby saving his life. President Garfield would go on to create laws that would bring about healing race relations in our country and be one of our greatest presidents.
  8. I would enable researchers to develop high blood pressure medicine in the 1930's so FDR would not die of a stroke so young.
  9. I would dive with Steve Irwin and help him to the surface for medical help. The animals of the world would still be rejoicing at his remarkable recovery.
  10. I would be the driver of Princess Diana's car on that fateful night. And everyone would arrive safely. Princess Diana would continue her good works of saving innocent deaths from land mines and be alive today to love Charlotte and George.