1. Big rules. Always signal your intent and then do what you have to do.
  2. If a raccoon wants to punch holes in your sewer hose, he will
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  3. If I bring something new into the RV, something old has to go out
  4. Your battery will die in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night
  5. Pull into a small gas station and you will get boxed in and have to wait and wait and wait until you can pull out
  6. Don't panic when you have to shell out $100 a night for a space
  7. You must never underestimate the importance of a large toolbox. And the importance of carrying a copy of RV REPAIR FOR DUMMIES.
  8. It's all relative how much personal space a person REALLY needs.
  9. No matter how small or humble your RV is, one you open the door and enter it's HOME SWEET HOME
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  10. Pets love to travel .... Because they get to be with you all the time.
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  11. Be open to meeting some of the nicest people on earth.
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  12. The longer the motor home, the longer it stays parked.
  13. Never stash your sewer hose next to your fresh water hose.
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  14. Think ahead. You really do not want to try backing up with your tow car attached.
  15. Start to Drive early in the morning and get off the road by 2.
  16. Real important: Know how tall your rig really
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  17. Oh yes! Post a map of everywhere you've gone
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  18. Always use a preflight list so you don't forget anything. Like your antenna.
  19. Take good care of your toilet and it'll never clog up with toilet paper
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  20. Take your time driving. Cars can go really fast and can stop easily. Motor homes take a lot of time and space to stop.
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  21. Every time time You stop: Walk Your Rig. Look for signs of trouble.
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  22. Don't hit the road without good RV roadside assistance insurance.
  23. Help truckers by flashing your lights when it's safe to get in front of you after passing you. Remember Rule 1: Big Rules.
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