Well, it's just me...
  1. 21
    But act like 15, refuse to leave home. Talk to my mum every single day. Mommy's issue? Go home whenever I can.
  2. Girl
    Don't know shit about girl's thing, make up, nails art, fashion-clueless. Yep, tshirt, shorts/jeans, slippers 100%comfy👌🏼 kept my hair over shoulder length for the first time 4 years ago after a disciplinary teacher threatened to cut off my fringe. Asshole
  3. Asian
    Specifically Malaysian, nope I'm not Malay or Islamic(people assumed I'm Malay when I told them I'm from Malaysia) I'm in fact Chinese, yeah, not all Chinese are from China. Got that?
  4. Doing a degree I'm not quite sure if I'm interested in
    Nothing much to add, it is what it is. Choice was made based on parents' expectation, what they called "reality", "real job". Yeah, I get what they mean, I'm not giving up or complaining(I am) it's just.. I don't know, sometimes I feel unfulfilled, that's all. :) (smile: me telling myself to suck it up)
  5. Single
    Pretty much my entire 21-year life. Except when I was 14, I had a bizarre relationship with a guy who didn't have the ballz to talk to me face to face, he didn't even bring me to dinner (it lasted about a year)(what the fuck was I thinking, dating without physical contact??!! That's some dope shit right there💯) now, I'm convinced he's responsible to my lack of interest in dating. Sorry @john , I thought you set the standard too high.
  6. Most valuable possessions
    1.My @john lyrics/quotes book. 2.where the light is DVD. 3. Friendships (real life/online) @arzec ❤️
  7. Bucket list
    1. Front row at @john show (Duhhh) 2. Being a full time student= broke af, it will be easier if John has more shows in Asia, specifically south east Asia so I can go see him for the first time. I tried, I tried by sending an email to Columbia, a message to @betsy 😳 (can't blame a girl for trying right?). 3. To find out if the rumor of John is banned in China legit or bullshit. Is it true? @betsy @john
  8. Cont...
    4. Get drunk 5. Meet @arzec 6. Bring my mom to Maldives before it disappears 7. Can't think of anything else right now
  9. Worst fear
    1.COCKROACHES 2. Saying goodbye to my mum forever. 3. Loving someone wholeheartedly but he isn't feeling the same
  10. That's about it. Nice to me you Peipei
  11. It feels weird :/ but I'm gonna post it anyway
  12. Congratulation and thank you for this great apps @bjnovak