Study is the last thing I do. My mind tells me to study but there will be a ton of things come between me and the book. EVERY DAMN TIME.
  1. Sit down on the study table, a book in front of me,but
    My hand automatically goes for the phone. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook... I just try to spend as much time on the phone as I can...
  2. Done with the phone, guilty, start to revise. One page in...
    So OVER it! Get up, start to do anything to get away from the book. My go to excuse: clean the room.
  3. A peek at the clock, SHIT, 3 hours has passed, I need to get back to the book. Another page in...
    Yep, I'm thirsty. Get out, get a drink. Away from the book. Mission accomplished.
  4. Coming back to the book, feeling sleepy, let's listen to some songs.
    First, get in the groove, sing along to the song, breaking out to the dance. Repeat!
  5. Guilty guilty guilty. Intense reading for the next hour, at least..
    Read, read, read! Finally save by dinner time!
  6. Going back to the book again. Now pray, pray that I can recall the last sentence I read.
  7. Alright. I should stop. Because,
    This is exactly what I'm doing right now, avoiding the book. I should be revising instead of writing this list. 😝
  8. Okay, bye. 🙃
    Microbiology, be nice please.